Mai Sculptures supply a range of hand crafted in New Zealand products.

Concrete Sculptures:


Te Matau o Maui – The fish hook of Maui

This sculpture pays homage to Maui, the mythological hero responsible for fishing up the North Island.
40kg, 800H x 450W x 300D




A symbol of eternal love and harmony, for couple or parent and child. Set in concrete portrays their strength and ensures that their eternal love can never be separated.
30kg, 590H x 360W x 250D


Whakapapa – Geneology

At the centre top of this sculpture is the start of an umbilical cord to which we all ascend from and as it continues down it connects us with our brothers and sisters, uncle and aunties and returns back to the top to continue adding to the family tree.
18kg, 560H x 260W x 160D


Iwi – Tribe

The top centre hole symbolises you and flowing off that are two lines, one representing your mother’s family line and the other your fathers family line, which both join together affiliating you to both of their tribes as one direct result of your birth. Then returning to the top to repeat the life cycle for your children.
28kg, 660H x 350W x 200D


Aihe – Dolphin

Dolphins are regarded as a good omen. Dolphins are a symbol of friendship and harmony.
35kg, 700H x 530W x 220D